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Planning perfect Parties for Children

October 2nd 2016

Megamania has a huge choice of options for creating a perfect party children. Options include Disco Parties, Breakfast Parties, Play Parties, Function Parties, Plaster Painting parties, Animaland (Build you own bear) Parties and many more. The staff are very friendly and are always ready to assist you with anything....

Developing Children’s Social Skills

October 2nd 2016

Every parent wants to support their children in their physical, social and emotional development. Parenting is not an easy task and it is a tremendous responsibility. It is very important to encourage development as early as possible. Children that are able to socialize and develop independent thinking are more confident and generally learn better at school. Playing is learning for children. It is a golden opportunity for them to shape their characters by inventing new games, by interacting w...

Planning perfect Parties for Kids

March 15th 2016

It is the responsibility of every parent to support their kids in their development of emotional, physical and social aspects. Parenting is not an easy task as it is a tremendous responsibility as children react very vehemently to everything in their age. It is very important to inculcate very important habits like civic sense, responsibilities as early as possible. Their character develops based on these qualities. It doesn’t matter which faith you follow, if you want your kids to be independ...

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