Developing Children’s Social Skills

October 2nd 2016

Developing Children’s Social Skills

Every parent wants to support their children in their physical, social and emotional development. Parenting is not an easy task and it is a tremendous responsibility. It is very important to encourage development as early as possible. Children that are able to socialize and develop independent thinking are more confident and generally learn better at school.

Playing is learning for children. It is a golden opportunity for them to shape their characters by inventing new games, by interacting with other children. Sometimes they fight, later they forget everything and become friends. This will help children to develop a sense of self worth and community at an early age. Playing is a wonderful experience for them; it is an evolutionary instinct, which shouldn’t be obstructed.

Places like Megamania Family Restaurant and Playland at Charlestown help to develop these social skills. There are so many attractions in Megamania, which children can explore and enjoy in air conditioned comfort . Megamania is has different activities and areas designed for different ages. For example Megamania has an interactive toddler area designed for children from 6mths to 4 years through to our giant playmaze an 6.3m high speed slide to challenge children up to 12 years of age (and their accompanying carers)

It also has ball pools, air play area which is a very popular, a multitude of slides and a jumping castle which children fare sure to love but the fun doesn’t stop there with Rope Bridges and more to challenge every child.
So no matter whether it is hot, cold or raining children can enjoy the experience of play and develop social skills in comfort at Megamania Charlestown Square while carers relax in comfort in the amazing acoustic designed dining area with over 200 seats.

Megamania also provides a well maintained and clean environment as well as professional chefs to prepare fresh awesome food for you to enjoy from the state of the art kitchen.

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