Function Room Parties

Starting from: $349.00

Function Room Parties


This option is best for when you want a more traditional party in a private Function room for 2 ½ hours with a party host for 1 ½ hours with party games.

2 hours 30 min in a Function Room.  Up to 8 Children included in base price. Note: We recommend a Double Room Booking for more than 15 children or if you expect a large number of Adults at the Party. Tables in the Restaurant area are not available for Function Room Parties. Please discuss your requirements with your Party Consultant.

The Party starts with a 1 hour Play Session in Playland for the children while the Adults relax in the Function Room and then the children return to the Function room for a Fully Hosted 1 hour 30 minutes Party including

FREE entry to the Adult Carer of each child attending the party.

Your have unlimited time to stay and play however if staying for more than the 2 1/2 hours that you have the Function Room reserved for you will need to move to the general table section. Reserved tables in the restaurant area are NOT provided.


Great party choices, information and options to personalise your party.

All Function Room Birthday Parties Receive these inclusions


Design the party that suits your requirements.

  • You simply select the type of party you would like to have
  • then choose which package suits your needs
  • then customise your party further with themes, cake upgrades and options to create the party that is right for you.
  • then book online using the link in the Packages tab below
    or call our party consultants on 0249238700.


We include the following
  • A Special Megamania Birthday Pack for the Party Child with
    • Special Birthday Hat
    • Megamania Drink bottle
    • SURPRISE Birthday Present
    • A Free return unlimited play pass (on VIP card)
  • Unlimited play session in the FULLY AIR-CONDITIONED and ACOUSTIC designed Playland
  • 2 FREE Adult Drink Vouchers per party
  • Unlimited jugs of ice-water
  • Party Hat for each child
  • Bags provided to hold shoes and presents
  • FREE full colour party invitations
  • FREE entry for the Adult Carer of each child attending the party
  • PLUS a Food and Drink and Cake Package to suit your needs
    (Choose a package below)
Classic Package

$349 for 8 Children.

Extra Children $25.90 ea.

See our Food Selection Sheet to make your choices

  • 3 Snack Foods
  • 2 Mega Foods
  • Jugs of Softdrink or Juice
  • A Standard Ice-cream OR Sponge Cake
  • A Party Loot Bag per Child
  • Bowls of Mixed Lollies
Meal Deal Package

$409 for 8 Children.

Extra Children $29.90

See our Food Selection Sheet to make your choices

  • An Individual Party Meal per child served with Hot Chips.
    Single Meal OR Alternate Serve Meal selection available per party.
  • 3 Snack Foods
  • Jugs of Softdrink or Juice
  • A Megafreeze or Ice-Block
  • A Standard Ice-cream OR Sponge Cake
  • A Party Loot Bag per Child
  • Bowls of Mixed Lollies
Totally Awesome Package

$439 for 8 Children.

Extra Children $33.90 ea.

3 Snack Foods & 4 Mega Foods

  • 3 Snack Foods
  • 4 Mega Foods
  • Jugs of Softdrink or Juice
  • Mega Party Loot Bag per Child
  • A Megafreeze or Ice-Block
  • A Photo Image Ice-cream OR Sponge Cake
  • Bowls of Mixed Lollies
  • Adult or Child Party Platter of your choice
  • Additional Present for Party child
  • Free Upgrade to Super prize pack for Party games
Healthy Eats Package

$399 for 8 Children.

Extra Children $30.90 ea.

Talk to our Party Consultants if you wish any changes.

  • Kids Fruit Platter
  • Sandwiches
  • Hot Corn Cobs
  • Garlic & Cheese Bread
  • Natural Popcorn
  • Jugs of Apple/Orange Juice
  • Krispy Cheese Crackers & Vegie Sticks
  • Healthy Party Loot Bag per Child
  • A Standard Ice-cream OR Sponge Cake

Pinata from $55

Add a piñata filled with awesome novelties, treats & lollies. Ask our consultants to see our available range.

Cake Upgrades

• Add a photo image from $15 • Mud Cake Upgrade from $15

Adults Platters and Catering

Want to cater for the Adults? We have a range of adult platters prepared by our inhouse Chefs available to choose from.

Snack Foods


  • Garlic & Cheese Bread
  • Hot Buttered Popcorn
  • Choc Mousse
  • Hot Corn Cobs
  • Cocktail Frankfurts
  • Jelly Cup
  • Fairy Bread
  • Assorted Potato Chips
  • Krispy Cheese Crackers & Vegie Sticks
Mega Foods
  • Chicken Nuggets
  • Sandwiches
  • Fish Pieces
  • Hot Chips
  • Mini Meatballs with BBQ dipping sauce
  • Chicken Chipees
  • Mini Hot Dogs
  • Mini Pizza (Hawaiian)
  • Mini Pizza (Vegetarian)
  • Party Pies & Sausage Rolls
  • Additional Selections $2.00/child

Make 2 selections

  • Pepsi
  • Creaming Soda
  • Lemonade
  • Sunkist
  • Orange Juice
  • Mix Up Cordial
  • Apple Juice
  • Solo
Cake Options

Standard (Included in Party)

  • Ice-Cream Cake
  • Vanilla Sponge
  • Chocolate Sponge
or Upgrade
  • Edible Photo Image
  • Mudcake
  • Humingbird Cake
  • Caramel Cheesecake
  • Mars Bar Cheesecake
Party Extras


  • UPGRADE to Mega Party Loot Bag $2.00 / Child
  • Super Games Prize Pack $1.00 / Child
  • Megafreeze/Iceblock Voucher $2.00 / Child
  • Air Filled Balloon on Stick $1.50 / Child
  • Balloon Table Decoration $35 each
  • Costumed Face painter (Clown, Pirate, Fairy) $69/hr
  • Megamania Drink Bottle $5.90 each
  • Megamania Drink Bottle (with softdrink) $7.90 each
Meal Deal Foods

Party Meal Choices Includes Hot Chips

Single Meal OR Alternate (2) Meal selection available per party

  • Mini Hot Dog
  • Chicken Nuggets
  • Mini Pizza (Hawaiian)
  • Mini Pizza (Vegetarian)
  • Fish Pieces
  • Party Pie
Party Catering Extras


  • Coffee/Drink tab available Ask our consultants
  • Jugs Of Cordial $5.90 each
  • Jugs Of Softdrink $7.90 each
  • Adult Nibblie Platter $42 each
  • Adult Sandwich Platter $42 each
  • Adult Fruit Platter (Seasonal) $45 each
  • Adult Hot Food Platter $45 each
  • Plate Seasoned Wedges (Serves approx 8) with Sour Cream & Sweet Chilli Sauce $35 each
  • Adult Mini-Wrap Platter Selection of Cold Meat & Salads $45 each
  • Adult Cake/Slice Platter $45 each
  • Kids Fruit Platter (Seasonal) $35 each

Party Bookings can be done online at 24/7 or at Megamania by phone or in person.  If you have any questions is best to contact our Function Consultants between 10am and 5:00 pm Monday to Friday  or email to At other times we may be busy ensuring that parties are having a great time

-Your booking is not confirmed until you have paid your $100 deposit. This deposit is non-refundable.  Any promotional vouchers MUST be presented when paying your deposit.

-We accept payment online by Visa & Mastercard. Payments in person at Megamania can be made by by Cash,  EFTPOS, Visa, MasterCard or American Express. Deposits may also be paid over the phone using your Credit card.  Payments by cheque are only accepted up to 10 days before the party date.

-Megamania is a fully catered venue. No Food or Drink may be brought into the centre including lolly bags.  Please discuss with our consultants if any of your guests have special dietary requirements. Surcharge may apply

-Ask the party co-ordinator to show you our extensive range of birthday cake options, lolly and party bags. Strict conditions  apply to any celebration cake from an external supplier. Please discuss with our consultants BEFORE ordering a cake. 

-Food Platters for your adult guests and Food selections for the party MUST be ordered by the confirmation date printed  on your invoice. We ask that you make your food selections as soon as possible after booking. Platters ordered after this  date will be supplied if time and catering permits. Platters cannot be cancelled within 7 days of the function.

-The party numbers you give us when booking will determine the size room allocated. Parties with a minimum of 16  children will be allocated a double size room if available. If you are looking at having 16 or more party children or expect  a large number of adults to be present in the party room please inform us on booking. If your final party numbers greatly  exceed your estimated numbers the room size may not be adequate.


– IT IS IMPORTANT that final party numbers must be confirmed by the confirmation date on your invoice (generally at  least 7 days prior to the party date) and party room seating and catering cannot be amended on the party day. All children  attending the party will be charged the full party price (Children under 12months are free and are not catered for) As with  any function if you have any no shows you will still be charged for final confirmed numbers we have recorded at the  confirmation date shown on your invoice as this is what we have catered and prepared for.

– Accompanying children who are not attending the party that are here longer than 15mins (dropping off) are charged at  the general play rate.

-All guests must wear socks on the play equipment


-Return your completed guest list to reception on arrival.

-A responsible adult (over 18yrs age) must be present in the centre until the last guest has left.

-The party balance is payable upon arrival. Payment by Cash, EFTPOS, Visa, MasterCard or American Express.

-Bags for shoes and presents can be provided.


– The operation of the party will depend on the style of party you have selected. Please refer to your invoice for details of  the content and operation of your selected party.

– If at any time you have any questions or concerns at any time please ask your host or the  duty manager immediatley to ensure the continued smooth operation of your special event.


-Hand out any shoes, loot bags, cake etc and Leave all the cleaning, stains and mess behind you!

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